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Shaping of young talents
This idea emerges as a demand from the institutions in La Pampa, that every time they came to the club they expressed the same needs, which were neither more nor less: General Management ability. This detail denotes an abyss between the clubs in Capital Federal and the institutions in the interior of the country. These institutions lack a demanding an equal competence of economical resources such as travelling costs, materials, accommodation, training, etc. That is the way in which the clubs lose their players (who stayed in the club for more than ten years perhaps) without perceiving any income for the player's training and teaching. This project appears to act as a core where these institutions could find the support they need to grow. In this manner, the clubs from other provinces could improve and overcome their shortage.
The club's task is to visit the different provinces and carry on a work without precedents in this country, which will enable the clubs to cover the shortage mentioned above.


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