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Aerial views of the club, situated in the km 602
of the National Road Nº5, in Santa Rosa, La Pampa.

In 1998 the Mac Allister brothers, Carlos Javier y Carlos Patricio decided to shape a long-time planned and dreamed project, the foundation of their own club: The Mac Allister Sports Club. After a short experience of two years with a soccer school, they acquire a four-hectare piece of land situated 5 km away from the centre of Santa Rosa City, where they would build the future club.
The club is one whose only activity is the soccer practise. Its main objective is to instruct and promote soccer players for their subsequent insertion in the professional soccer.
For that purpose, the club has a modern construction built in its own piece of land, where more than three hundred kids and adolescents attend every day. They constitute the soccer school, inferior divisions and professional first division.
Since 1998, year in which the club was founded, The Mac Allister Sports Club has been participating in official tournaments organised by the Local League, for each of the categories youngsters as well as kids. In 2000, for the first time in its history, the club participated in first division tournaments. The club won the title of Champion of the Classifying Tournament and number two of the Official Tour of the Cultural League of Soccer, classifying for the Argentinean "B" tournament 2002, of the mentioned league.
In 2003the club obtains the title of Provincial Champion, being the first team in the history of the Cultural League of Soccer to won it. The team classified for the Argentinean "B" Tour 2004, where it had a distinguished performance, having Carlos Javier Mac Allister as one of its players.

Nowadays, the club's divisions participate successfully in Provincial and National tournaments having obtained hundreds of awards.

4-hectare land wooded all around
Local and visitor dressing rooms.
Ladies and gentlemen toilets
Events hall and terrace
Secretary's office
Car park
President's office
Soccer equipment
Referee's dressing room
"Parrillas" (to make argertinean "asado")
Two professional soccer fields
Eight reduced soccer fields
Sprinkling watering



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